Cyclops AR

The 2021 Lumiere Award Winning Cyclops AR is an Augmented Reality app for iOS.  It enables you to visualize CG objects composited into the iPad’s camera view in real-time. 

This is similar to simulcam but runs entirely on an iPad. Cyclops can be used during shooting or on a scout to easily visualize the VFX elements of a location, scene, or set in the context of the real world. Since it’s running on an iPad it can easily be passed to other crew and cast members so they can be better informed about the VFX action that is being shot.

Quick intro to Cyclops

With Cyclops, you can visualize CG top-ups on your set. You can add any of your CG assets to see how they fit in that space. Additionally, you can load up previs shots and view the previs animation composited into the real location or set to understand how the action will fit into your real-set. As you move around the location, the CG items will track to the real world.

Cyclops has tools to move around, rotate and scale CG assets, save bookmarks, align to the real world, playback animation, adjust lighting, toggle visibility layers, change lenses, save recordings and much more. You can download new content to Cyclops quickly and easily from any location without having to install a new app.

Cyclops SXSW Presentation

Want to know more? Check out this exclusive virtual presentation we did for Cyclops AR in our Virtual Production panel at SXSW 2021. In this demo, TTF CTO Eric Carney, covers all the basics of what Cyclops AR can do and why it is an invaluable on-set tool for visualizing VFX in the real world.

You can view our entire SXSW 2021 session here:

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