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Cyclops AR is an Augmented Reality app for iOS.  It enables you to visualize CG assets, like characters, creatures, vehicles and CG-Set extensions,  composited into the iPad’s camera view in real-time. 

This is similar to simulcam but runs entirely on an iPad. Cyclops can be used during shooting or on a scout to easily visualize the VFX elements of a location, scene, or set in the context of the real world. Since it’s running on an iPad it can easily be passed to other crew and cast members so they can be better informed about the VFX action that is being shot.

Quick intro to Cyclops

With Cyclops, you can visualize CG top-ups on your set. You can add any of your CG assets to see how they fit in that space. You can load up previs shots and view the previs animation composited into the real location or set to understand how the action will fit into your real set. As you move around the location, the CG items will track to the real world.

Cyclops has tools to move around, rotate and scale CG assets, save bookmarks, align to the real world, playback animation, adjust lighting, toggle visibility layers, change lenses, save recordings and much more. You can download new content to Cyclops quickly and easily from any location without having to install a new app.


Visualize your 3D assets in the real world

With Cyclops you can quickly and easily place your own CG assets in the real world anywhere and any time you want using advanced AR technology. Cyclop runs on iOS without the need for a workstation or cloud rendering so you can take it with you anywhere. Cyclops will accurately match the FOV for the lens and camera. You can customize the lenses that are available in Cyclops.

Immersize real-time depth composites

Advanced real-time compositing tools allow you to bring real and CG elements together in unpresidented ways. All compositing in Cyclops is done as a depth composite. Cyclops features real-time person segmentation with depth dompositing. This can be combined with a chromakey for more flexibility. Any CG object can be used as Holdout geo. You can even utilize the built in LiDAR sensor on pro iOS devices to create Holdout geo on the fly.

Anchor virtual assets to the real world

A big challenge with AR applications is that when you turn off the device it no longer tracks the world. This means that when you turn it back on the CG objects are no longer in the same place in the real world as where you left them. We've built a GPS and a Point Cloud Anchoring System in Cyclops so that you can save and load the aligngment of your CG objects to the real world. Now you don't have to endlessly realign your CG assets.

Scout virtually with Google Maps geo

This cutting-edge feature seamlessly integrates Google 3D Map geometry into Cyclops, allowing users to immersively explore this vast world of geographical imagery while working natively with the features and tools in Cyclops. Use Maps Mode to soar through distant cities and locations to pinpoint the perfect shooting spot for your scene without stepping out of the office. Visualize the sun’s position and path specific to any location. You can even add your own CG assets to the Maps world.

Check out the hundres of features and tools in Cyclops


Cyclops 5.2.6 unlocks new capabilities for clients and customers, empowering you to seamlessly create and utilize Smart Assets. Originally integrated in response to customer demands that necessitate custom app development, Smart Assets addresses common requests such as easy switching between asset variations, custom control of individual assets or scene components, and accessing detailed asset information. Leveraging Smart Asset alongside the Cyclops Unreal Cooker Plugin now allows for the creation of sophisticated assets featuring intuitive UI controls. This functionality, previously exclusive to custom Cyclops builds, is now accessible to users, enabling the seamless integration of bespoke assets without the need for specialized application builds.

Female/Male Smart Assets
The Female and Male Smart assets now feature a range of selectable Poses, allowing users to effortlessly flip between them and customize their color scheme.

T-Rex Smart Assets
The T-Rex Smart asset sample boasts dynamic animations, offering users the ability to play, pause, and select from a variety of animations. Additionally, users can adjust the playback speed and explore a host of other customization options.

Updated Sample Assets & Scenes
Discover the enhanced capabilities of our updated sample assets and scenes, now powered by Smart Assets. Dive into a world of new possibilities and relish improved control over skies, lighting, and fog. Access the updated samples directly from the Help panel and unlock a realm of creative potential.

Performance Improvements
We’ve made performance improvements in a number of areas in Cyclops, including LiDAR geo, animation playback, Google Map geo loading, and more. 



Ant-Man and the Wasp – Quantumania: Jesse James Chisholm – Production VFX Supervisor


In this interview with Ant-Man VFX supervisor Jesse James Chisholm he talks about working on Ant-Man including a couple of mentions.  Jesse talks about how Cyclops, “…helped the actors understand where to look at any given time. My biggest peeve is bad eyelines, so we worked really hard to mitigate this.”

These were the amazing tools that we had at our disposal and got to use’

befores and afters

befores & afters has a series of articles with Jesse James Chisholm, VFX Sup on the visual effects of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.  In this article, Jesse talks about the new tools they used on the show which includes Cyclops.

My Seven Shows: Deborah Chow

Television Academy

In the photos for an article about Obi-Wan Kenobi Series director Deborah Chow, we were excited to see Deborah using Cyclops on an iPad Pro. Cyclops was integral to helping visualize how the CG characters, creatures, vehicles, and envs would fit into the real-world shooting locations and sets.

The House that Dragons Built S1 E6


VFX Supervisor Angus Bickerton talks about how they used Cyclops to frame shots with fire-breathing dragons.  (minute 24:35)

The House that Dragons Built S1 E9


TTF Virtual Production Supervisor Brad Blackburn talks about how Cyclops was used while filming to visualize the dragon and the entire Dragon Pit environment.  (minute 12:30)
Full clip only on HBO Max – Preview:

ASSEMBLED: The Making of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Marvel Studios

TTF Visualization Supervisor Hamilton Lewis talks about using Cyclops when filming the attack on Kamar Taj. (minute 20:30)
Only avalible on Disney Plus

Cyclops Highlight Reel

Want to know more? Check out this Highlight reel of things that you can do in Cyclops.  Including some of our work on recent projects.

2021 Lumiere Award

Cyclops was honored with the Technology Lumiere Award from the Advanced Imaging Society (AIS) in 2021. The AIS Lumiere Awards acknowledge technical achievements that are currently accelerating the entertainment industry.

The AIS awards committee recognized Cyclops as a new and exciting technology that was an incredible leap forward from the traditional method of a tennis ball on a stick to visualize VFX elements on-set. They immediately saw the immense potential and usefulness of Cyclops to help make more informed decisions when filming.   


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