With over one hundred tools, Cyclops v5.2 includes the most powerful and extensive feature list of any simulcam iOS App in the world.  Below are just some of the main features.

New Features in Cyclops 5.2


Cyclops has a new modern professional polished UI. The UX has bee redesigned to make it quicker and easier to access features.


Cyclops has a flexible real-time Chromakey tool that can used multiple ways. You can use garbage mattes when the green screen doesn’t fill your entire frame, and use the Despill tool to remove color spill.

Color Correction

Use the new Color Correction tools to adjust the live video. Adjust Lift, Gamma, & Gain with the new color picker. Additionally, you can adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, & more.

Improved Rendering

Cyclops now uses Unreal’s advanced Mobile Deferred Renderer for best-in-class graphics. Support for real-time shadows, increased number of lights, improved reflections, & more.

Outliner Panel

Use the new Outliner panel to select an asset in your scene. Additionally, you can now easily toggle asset properties like visibility, selectability, moveability, and more.


Quickly and easily share Cyclops images and videos with anyone using the native iOS Sharing tool.

General Features

Asset Mode

Asset Mode allows you to quickly add assets to the live view wherever you are. Move, rotate and scale the assets with a suite of asset tools.

Shot Mode

Shot Mode allows you to integrate an entire shot into a real location. Load shots with CG top-ups and animation to visualize how they'll look on the real shooting location or set.

Vcam Mode

Cyclops features a dedicated Virtual Camera Mode. This mode is ideal if you want to explore your Virtual Sets and Locations to look at camera angles or blocking.

Built in Unreal

Cyclops is built in Unreal Engine. We can quickly get anything from Unreal into Cyclops. This allows us to leverage the real time engine and virtual production tools in Unreal. We now support UE 5.2

Secure Downloads

Our secure Medusa server allows you to download new content to Cyclops quickly and easily from anywhere.

Image & Video Gallery

With the Image and Video Gallery in Cyclops, you can review any photos or videos you take in Cyclops without leaving the app. You can even check out metadata, add notes, rate, delete and more.

Easy to Use

Not everyone is a 3D expert. We've designed Cyclops with ease of access in mind so even new users will feel comfortable. We’ve even included a library of user tutorials to get you familiar with advanced topics.

People Depth Compositing

People in the camera view are automatically composited correctly in depth with the CG scene in real-time. People can walk in front and behind CG objects.

Visualization Platform

We've integrated Cyclops into our Visualization pipeline. This allows us to easily move content in and out of Cyclops. Not using previs? Don't worry, we can seamlessly work with 3rd party assets and animation.

Camera Data Recording

Cyclops records camera animation data when you save a photo or video. This data includes the movement & lens of the camera. We can then load the camera data into Unreal to recreate your Cyclops shot.

World Anchors

With World Anchoring in Cyclops you can now save and load the alignment of the Real to CG worlds in Cyclops. World Anchors are stored in the cloud and can be easily shared between devices.

GPS Alignment

Cyclops automatically saves GPS and compass alignment information. Now when you load a shot the GPS info is used to instantly realign your scene to the real-world.

Asset Features & Tools

Add Assets

You can easily add assets to scenes in Cyclops. Add as many assets as you’d like by tapping the ground. Cyclops has a selection of default assets and the ability to add custom ones.

Move, Rotate, & Scale

You can easily move, rotate and scale assets in Cyclops using an on-screen joystick.

Drag Assets

Use the Drag Tool to drag assets around on the screen. Tap to select and then drag with your finger. You can switch between dragging on a flat plane or dragging the asset into the air.

Pickup Assets

The Pickup Asset tool allows you to "Pick up" an asset so it moves around as if it's connected to the iPad. You can walk over to the spot where you want it and then drop the asset in the new location.

All Assets can be Moveable

Any asset in a shot can be moveable, regardless if they’re part of the scene or added later on. When we create the shot we define which objects are moveable and which are not.

Custom Assets

You can add as many custom assets as you want to Cyclops. Assets can be any type of CG model, character, creature, vehicle, etc. New assets can be quickly downloaded into Cyclops without having to recompile the app.

Asset Collections

Asset Collections store the location & orientation of any asset that you've added or moved. Set up your scene, save the Collection and then load it when you are ready to shoot.

Delete Assets

Any asset that you add to a scene can be quickly deleted. Don't want any of the assets? Use the Delete All tool.

Holdout Asset

The Holdout Asset tool allows you to use a simple object as a “holdout”, making it appear that your hero CG asset is behind a real world object. Any asset in Cyclops can be turned into a Holdout object.

Camera Features & Tools

Dolly, Boom, Pan

Move around the scene quickly with the camera dolly, boom and pan tools. Camera movement tools use the on-screen joystick for precise movements.

Camera Freeze

A unique feature that allows you to freeze the CG camera view while continuing to move the iPad. Use this tool to quickly reposition the CG World or adjust the alignment to the Real-world.

Rotate Around

Tap anywhere in the scene to create a locator that you can rotate or orbit the camera around. You can orbit around any asset or spot in the scene.

Range Finder

Use the Range Finder tool to quickly find the distance from yourself to any CG object in the scene. Just tap a spot on the screen to see the distance.

Light Direction

Easily adjust the light direction & intensity in a scene with an on-screen light widget. It can align the light in the CG scene to the real lighting at your location/set.

Scene Opacity

Adjust the opacity of the CG assets and scene. Use this to see through the CG geo to the live camera view. This feature is crucial for verifying that the CG scene is aligned to the real world.

Real Camera Film Back Matching

Cyclops features real world camera film back matching. You can input the film back you are using and select a focal length and Cyclops will match the FOV of the real camera.

Digital Viewfinder

Quickly move through your lens set with the lens up and down buttons. Cyclops scales the screen view so you can see things with the FOV you'll get from your real camera. It's a VFX enabled digital viewfinder.

Customizable Lens Set

Cyclops comes with a predefined set of lenses but you can add, edit, or delete any of those lenses to match the set of lenses for your show.

Aspect Ratio and Frame Line

Adjust the aspect ratio on the on-screen matte box to match your show. You can also adjust the opacity of the matte box and add frame lines or a reticle to the camera view.

Gamepad Control

Cyclops can work with an external game controller. Use the game controller to move the camera around, control animation, change lenses, and much more. This is a great way to work when using Vcam Mode.

Measuring Tape

Use a digital measuring tape in measure the distance between mulitple points in the CG scene.

Wide Angle Lens

You can now use lenses in Cyclops that are wider than the native FOV of your device. The surrounding area is filled in with the CG world.

On-Screen Info

Easily see the camera tilt, roll, and pan angle in the main UI. Also the GPS coordinates, compass heading and altitude where you are in the world. You can also see the battery level, device temperature, and GPS accuracy.

Animation Features & Tools

Animation from Unreal

Cyclops is built on Unreal and can playback animation from an Unreal Sequencer. This means that any animation that goes into Unreal can be loaded into Cyclops.

Play, Pause, Backwards

Each shot in Cyclops can have its own animation. You can play, pause or even play the animation backwards.

Frame Forward & Backward

In Cyclops you can use the frame forward and frame backward controls to move frame by frame through the animation.

Go to Start & Go to End

In Cyclops you can jump to the start or end of the shot animation.

Go to Any Frame

Jump to any frame in the animation. This shows a live update of which frame the animation is currently on.

Loop Playback

By default, animation looping is turned on. You can turn off looping at any time.

Change Animation Speed

You can speed up or slow down animation. By default, animation plays at the rate it was animated at, but a new play rate can be selected.

Change Start and End Frame

You can change the start and end frames for animation playback. Handles can be added for adjusted start or end times.

Animation Scrub-bar

Cyclops now has an on-screen animation scrub-bar to quickly scrub forwards or backwards through the animation in a shot.

Pictures, Videos, & Gallery

Take Photos

You can quickly capture photos to share with other key cast and crew. Take photos on a scout to figure out angles or a shot list. Download the photos to create a photo board or animatic.

Record Videos

You can record full 60 fps videos with Cyclops. In vcam mode you can record videos and send them to previs.

Image & Video Gallery

Cyclops features an integrated Photo & Video Gallery. You can review any of the photos or videos you take in Cyclops without leaving the app. See metadata, add notes, rate, delete and more.

Rename Images & Add Comments

You can rename any photos or videos you've taken. Use this to better label your images. You can also add custom comments.


When you take a photo or video, Cyclops stores metadata info for it, including time, date, focal length, aspect ratio and film back. Cyclops also stores GPS and compass info as well as 3D scene info so camera positions can be easily recreated in previs.

Rate & Delete Images

You can easily rate and favorite images or videos taken with Cyclops. Don't like an image or video? Delete it.

Content Management

Easily Add Content

Other solutions need to be recompiled in order to have the content updated. This takes time and requires an Unreal developer. With Cyclops we can quickly deliver you a content file called a "DLC" that easily loads into Cyclops.

Manage Multiple DLCs

You can have multiple DLCs loaded into Cyclops at the same time. The DLC Manager allows you to Mount and Unmount any of the available DLCs. This makes it easier to manage all the scenes available in Cyclops.

Load Levels and Assets

Cyclops DLCs can contain any number of assets, shots, or scenes. We usually make each scene a separate DLC for faster downloading. After that, new content is automatically available in Cyclops.

Secure Downloads

Our secure Medusa server allows you to quickly download DLCs to Cyclops wherever you have an internet connection. Downloads are done over a secure VPN and access is controlled per-device to make sure no else can access your content.

Import Models

Now you can import your own OBJ or FBX models directly into Cyclops. Import as many models as you like and easily add them the world. Place models and move, rotate & scale them.

Unreal Level Variants

Cyclops has support for Unreal Level Variants. This is a new feature in Unreal that allows us to easily set up your scene with multiple configurations. You can quickly toggle between different scene variants inside of Cyclops.

Web Downloads

You can now download DLCs directly from any website including sites like Dropbox & Box. This method is another option to allow you to manage and control how you load DLCs into Cyclops.



Bookmarks allow you to save a location in the CG World and jump back to that spot whenever you need to. Bookmarks are invaluable when aligning the CG World to the real-world. Bookmarks are stored on a per shot basis.

Create Bookmarks

You can create bookmarks in Cyclops that are saved within each shot. These will be there the next time the shots are loaded.

Rename & Delete Bookmarks

Any bookmarks created in Cyclops can be renamed or deleted. This is a great tool for keeping things organized.

Display Layers

Display Layers

Assets in a shot are arranged in a series of Display Layers that can be toggled on or off in Cyclops. Different parts of the shot or environment can be set up on individual layers for extensive control of what you’re viewing.

Holdout Mode

We build proxies of the real world set as Holdout objects in Cyclops. Turn on Holdout Mode to see the real location, CG set extensions, and assets appear correctly integrated into the real world.

Custom Layers for Assets

Any assets that are added to a scene or world are placed on their own Display Layer for easy management.

LiDAR Holdout Geo

Use the LiDAR on Pro devices to dynamically create real-world geometry that can be used for holdouts. This allows for better integration of CG assets in the real-world.