How to Use Cyclops AR

We’ve designed Cyclops AR to include tons of features without losing any ease of access. By picking up the essentials, you can quickly see what Cyclops has to offer.

We have a whole series of User Video Tutorials as well as Installation and DLC downloading Guides.

User Video Tutorials

User Introduction

A brief introduction on the basic user experience in Cyclops. (2:13)

Cyclops Modes Overview

Cyclops features two different modes: Asset Mode & Shot Mode. This tutorial will explain how each mode works. (3:36)

Asset Mode Quickstart

Get a quick overview of Asset mode in Cyclops. Place assets in the world and move them around, and more. (1:45)

Shot Mode Quickstart

A quick overview of Shot Mode in Cyclops. Learn how to load a shot, move the camera around and more. (1:29)

UI Overview

Get to know the UI/UX of Cyclops, including all the Tool Tabs available in the left & right Tool Drawers. (2:51)

Asset Tools

A detailed look at all the Asset Tools in Cyclops. Learn how to place, move, rotate, scale and even delete assets. (6:19)

Camera Tools

A detailed look at the various Camera Tools in Shot Mode. Learn how to dolly and boom the camera to explore your scene. (4:08)

Common Tools

Get to know the Common Tools in Cyclops. These all-purpose tools are useful no matter what you are doing. (2:02)

Bookmark Tools

Take a look at the Bookmark Tools. You can create your own bookmarks and to save a position or alignment. (4:09)

Playback Tools

Cyclops offers a set of simple Playback Tools to control the playback of shot animation. Animations can be loaded from Unreal. (2:05)

Display Layers

Display layers offer the ability to control what you see in Cyclops. Also learn about the very important Holdout toggle. (3:27)


Content in Cyclops is delivered in a DLC file. Learn about downloading and managing DLCS here. (3:56)

Align Real & CG

Learn how Cyclops aligns in-app CG geometry to the real world. (7:33)


Get a run down of what all the preference options in Cyclops do. Some features are only talked about here. (7:04)

Review Tool

Cyclops has its own photo and video review tool that allows you to review without leaving Cyclops. (1:56)


Learn how to install the Cyclops App on the device of your choosing!

Learn how to update your Cyclops App when a new version is available.

Learn how to transfer Photos and Videos taken in Cyclops off of the iPad to your computer.

These are the controls when using Cyclops with a game controller.

Learn how to download DLCs directly to your device from TTF’s secure Medusa server.

Learn how to transfers files from your Mac or PC to Cyclops

Learn how to download and install demo DLCs from Dropbox

There as the assets specs for putting assets into Cyclops.