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Cyclops 5.2.4 is Now Available

Cyclops 5.2.4 is now available via Test Flight.  Please use the Update button in Test Flight to make sure you have the latest build.

Cyclops App 5.2.4 (0.1201) – Nov 17th, 2023

  • NEW:  Brand new Maps Mode that leverages Cesium Ion & Google Maps 3D data.
    • Google Search to find a location to load
    • Save/Load Map Bookmarks
    • Input GPS coordinates from Google Maps
    • Adjust map resolution
    • Geographically accurate sun position
      • Adjust time & date with accurate sun position
      • Visualize sun path for the entire day
  • NEW: Fly camera tool
  • NEW: Teleport camera tool
  • NEW: Orbit camera tool
  • Improved: Dolly camera tool now maintains a constant height above the CG ground
    • Adjustable in preferences.
  • NEW: Outliner filters
  • Improved: AR Sky Light now uses Apple ARkit environment probes for lighting & reflections (experimental)
  • Improved: Video gallery now displays thumbnails
  • Improved: Support for Post Process Volumes & Post Process Materials
  • Improved: FBX/OBJ assets can now be loaded from the Import folder
  • FIX: Fog no longer affects the People Compositing and Holdout Materials
  • FIX: Bugs with scene scaling in Vcam & Maps Modes
  • FIX: Bug where scene scale is still active when switching out of Vcam or Maps Mode.
  • FIX: Bug causing assets to be placed in the wrong location & height.
  • FIX: Bug where assets and scenes in unmounted DLCs still showed in the menus and would result in crashes
  • Various Bug fixes and stability improvements.