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Cyclops 5.2.5 is Now Available

Cyclops App 5.2.5 (0.20) – Feb 6th, 2024 

  • FIX:  Maps Mode now works in iOS16 again!
  • NEW: support for App Store subscriptions
    • New subscription panel in About/Help window
    • Multiple subscription modes
  • IMPROVED: FBX/OBJ importing
    • Improved support for more OBJ/FBX models
    • Improved error feedback
    • Placing imported assets should be faster
    • Improved Import window UI
    • Various bug fixes with Importer
    • FBX/OBJ files can now stored in sub-folders
  • FIX: selected assets are now deselected when taking a photo
  • FIX: UI issues when taking photos/videos