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Holdout Mode Quick Switch Button

The button that looks like a cube in the lower left next to the Lens Up button is the Holdout Mode Quick Switch button.  This button allows you to quickly cycle through the 3 different Holdout Mode states.  This button works the same as switching the Holdout Mode from the Layers Tab but is just quicker to get to. 

  • Shaded – Holdout objects are displayed with their original material
  • Wireframe – Holdout objects are displayed with a wireframe material that makes them easier to align to their real-life counterparts.  Use the Opacity slider to see the real-life objects behind the holdout objects.
  • Holdout – Holdout objects are displayed with the holdout material which is the image coming from the device’s camera.

Any model in Cyclops can be used as a Holdout object.  First, select the object and then tap the Holdout button from the Asset Tools tab.  The selected model is now a Holdout object and will change its material when you change the Holdout Mode.  You can turn a Holdout object back to a regular (non-holdout) object by selecting the object again and tapping the Holdout button again.   You can also use the object Details panel in the Outliner Tab to switch objects to/from a Holdout object.

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