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New Lidar Options

As of Cyclops 5.2.6 we have improved the Lidar wireframe display and performance.  Additionally there some new options for the Lidar holdout feature in Preferences > General > AR Tracking & Geometry

Multi-Color Lidar Wireframes will color each Lidar geo segment with a different color wireframe.

Lidr non-update decay is a performance enhancement.  It allows Cyclops to remove Lidar geometry that hasn’t been updated in that amount of seconds.   Each Lidar Geo segment is constantly being updated by ARkit.  However, if a Lidar geo segment isn’t visible or is too far away then ARkit stops updating it.  Each Lidar geo segment knows when it was last updated.   If a Lidar geo segment has been updated in the specified amount of seconds then Cyclops will hide that segment.   If The Lidar geo segment is later updated then Cyclops will unhide it and start the timing over again.

Visualizing too many Lidar geo segments can get processor-intensive and if there are too many the camera tracking can start to slip briefly.   This option allows us to remove Lidar geo segments that haven’t been updated in a while and maintain performance.  

If you are finding that Lidar geo that you want is getting hidden then you can increase this number to something larger.  The number is the number of seconds since Cyclops last received an update before hiding a Lidar geo segment.  The default is 200 seconds, which is 3.3 minutes.







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