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place an asset on the ground


Sometimes to time, when we place asset on the ground, the asset is placed below the green plane.

the only solution is to turn off  app than rescan the set.

Is there a way to force Cyclop to rescan the ground without turning app off ?


Humm, unless you are on the side of a hill this usually works pretty well.

I’m guessing that this is when you are in Asset Mode.  If so then this is what might be happening:
When Cyclops first starts up and asks you to pan around, it is trying to identify the ground.  After a few seconds, Cyclops looks at all the ground planes it has found and picks the “closest” one as the ground.   Once Cyclops has found a ground plane it does continually update it. So it is possible that if you are starting up Cyclops on a place where you see multiple levels of ground, (stairs or platform or desk) or you are on ground that is not flat, that Cyclops is getting confused and picking the wrong ground plane.

Or possibly you are starting up Cyclops in one spot and then walking to a new location that has a slight elevation change.  That would do it as well because Cyclops would have set the ground height when you first started up the app.  

You can verify that this is the issue by setting the iPad on the ground standing up.  When on the ground the Height readout at the top of the screen should read 6″ 

Unfortunately, there is not currently a way to manually adjust the ground plane in Asset Mode.  

If you are running into this issue there are a few things you can do to work around it.

  1. Select the asset and try the Asset To Ground tool.  This should place the asset on the ground plane.  However if what I said above is indeed the issue then this won’t help.
  2. You can use the Asset Height Tool to adjust the height of the asset till it is no longer below the AR plane.
  3. You can re-initialize Cyclops by selecting Asset Mode from the Main Menu.  This would be faster/easier than quitting and restarting the app, but will have the same net effect in that anything in the scene will be lost.
  4. Try switching to Scene Mode and use the Camera Set Height tool.  This tool is meant to help align the AR ground plane to your CG ground.  It allows you to “re-set” the AR ground plane.  To use the tool, select the tool and then aim the iPad down towards your feet, then tap the screen on the ground that you want to use as the ground plane. That should reset the AR ground plane.  You can check this by setting the iPad on the ground as mentioned above.

Please let us know if any of these help solve the issue.  If number 4 works then we can look at moving the Set Height button into the Asset tool section in a point release coming up soon.


Dear all,

thanks for your answer>
The problem occurs when I first scan a ground (flat office ground, no stairs), than turn off Ipad, than turn on later and rescan the same location
then I have a Height error.
I did the solution 3 re-inialize, and it’s working. but as you said loosing all assets


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Thanks for the additional info.  So the good news is that I’ve been able to replicate the issue you are seeing.  The bad news is that we don’t have a good way of dealing with that currently.  But the good news is that it won’t be hard to add a fix in the next point release.

So what’s happening is that Cyclops initially sets the ground plane when you first start it up.   Then when you turn off the iPad Cyclops stops tracking the world.  Then when you turn the iPad back on Cyclops thinks the camera is at the same height as it was when you turned off the iPad.   But you are probably holding it at a different height.   So Cyclops still thinks the ground plane is the same amount of cm below the camera as it was when you turned it off.  Cyclops doesn’t know that the ground plane has moved because it doesn’t know what’s happening when the iPad is turned off or the app is not in the foreground. 

If you don’t turn turn off the iPad then you shouldn’t see the issue.  I’m guessing that’s not really practical.  A workaround would be to try and hold the Cyclops at the same height when you turn it back on.  Admittedly, that is not a great solution.

As i mentioned, we should be able to add in a fix in the next point release.   Right now i’m thinking that we’ll add a simple “Reset Height” button to the tool drawer.  We’ll also look at seeing if we can detect when the iPad has returned from sleeping and try to automatically reset the height if that has happened.



I was thinking, the problem was what you said.

now it’s just a matter of fixing it on your side 😉

As I said, I’m testing the product to see how it’s working and the limit of.



We’ve fixed this in Cyclops 5.2.4 (0.1612)

Cyclops will now re-initialize the AR sessions when you return to the app after you have slept the device or put the app in the background.   This will allow Cyclops to “re-figure” out where the ground is.  There is also now a Reset AR button in the Common section of the main tool tab that will do the same thing.


While this does help with real-world object location permanence is not meant to solve that problem.   i.e. if you place assets and then background or sleep the device, when you return to Cyclops your placed assets may not be in the same location in the real-world.  Cyclops & AR Kit it will do it’s best to try to “re-localize” to the real world, but the accuracy will depend on a lot of factors.    An object could be 0.5 meter off or several meters off from it’s original location.  

The best way to deal with real-world object location permanence, is to save a an Asset Collection and a Cloud Anchor.   Then you can re-load both the Collection and the Cloud Anchor and the objects should return to their saved real-world location.  A big advantage of this workflow is that you can quit/exit Cyclops.   Even if you are not planning to quit/exit, I’d still recommend saving a Collection & Anchor as Cyclops can occasionally crash.